Forensic Odontology and its Medico Legal Issues

AUTHOR(s) : Mahanta Putul, Ullah Md. Kalim
DOI No. : 01.2017-72365261

Forensic Odontologists deals with the proper examination, handling and presentation of dental evidence in a court of law. They are to help in identification of bite marks on the victims of attack or in other substances such as wood, leather and food stuffs and to compare bite marks with the teeth of a suspect and presentation of this evidence in court as an expert witness. They are to identify unknown bodies through dental records and to estimate age from teeth; however forensic Odontologist can still contribute to the identity investigation in the absence of dental records through profiling the deceased using features related to teeth. Teeth with their physiologic variations, pathos and effect of therapy record information that remains throughout life and beyond. This article explores an insight to forensic odontology and outlines some of its medico-legal applications in criminal investigations.

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