A Comparative Study of Serum Magnesium and Serum Inorganic Phosphate Concentration in Hypertensive and Normotensive Women

AUTHOR(s) : Bhowal Rajarshi1, Phukan Jadab Kishore2, Bhattacharyya Kailash3
DOI No. : 01.2017-25729977

Background: Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are one of the main causes of maternal death worldwide. Hypertensive disorder during the period of pregnancy is a major cause of maternal death in lndia and also the rest of the world. Derangement of serum magnesium concentration in pregnant women may lead to develop preeclampsia. Therefore there may be a relationship between hypomagnesaemia and preeclampsia. Aim: This study was undertaken to assess serum Magnesium and Serum Inorganic Phosphate concentration in hypertensive and normotensive pregnant women in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Methods: The present study comprised of 100 cases of normotensive pregnant women and 100 cases of clinically established Hypertensive Pregnant women in their 3rd trimester. Serum Magnesium and Phosphate were estimated in Semi-auto analyzer from the study sample. Using Microsoft Excel software performed statistical analysis of the data. Results: Mean Magnesium concentration in hypertensive is 2±0.25 meq/l and in normotensive is 2.3±0.35 meq/l. The serum Magnesium concentration was found to be significantly lower (p<0.0001) in hypertensive study participants than in the normotensives participant. Conclusion: Magnesium can very well be used as biochemical markers of the new onset hypertensive pregnant women and also can be used in better management of established cases of eclampsia or preeclampsia patients.

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