CT and MRI Evaluation of Sino Nasal Mass

AUTHOR(s) : Talukdar Ramen, Duara BK, Sarma Koushik
DOI No. : 01.2017-98651378

CT and MRI play complementary roles in the assessment and staging of these malignancies by determining the presence or absence of extension of disease into the skull base and its foramina, the orbit and the intracranial compartment. This study was conducted for the evaluation of sinonasal masses with the aims to study the incidence of sino-nasal masses and their clinical features, to diagnose accurately the site and extension of lesion into the surrounding structures and to assess bony involvement and to characterize the mass on CT & MR and to correlate with histopathological diagnosis. Statistical analysis was done over 50 patients with various age groups with CT and MRI Evaluation of Sino Nasal Mass. Computed Tomography and Magnetic resonance Imaging can define the character of the Sinonasal mass, thus differentiating benign from malignant.

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