Profile of Adverse Drug Reaction in Patients with Renal Disorders

AUTHOR(s) : Mahanta Pranabjyoti, Mahanta Monmoyuri D
DOI No. : 01.2017-84942632

Introduction: Lot of drugs cause renal dysfunctions. As renal patients are prescribed medications with utmost care and attention, and with dose modifications according to GFR, adverse drug reactions in renal patients are expected to be very low. Aim: To find out the incidence of adverse drug reaction (ADR), to ascertain the association of the offending drugs with the type of ADR, and to assess the severity of ADR, in indoor and outdoor renal patients. Methods: This is prospective observational case control study, which was conducted in 850 patients, who had either attended the Nephrology dept. OPD or were admitted in the Nephrology ward of Guwahati Medical College hospital with various renal disease, from January to June 2012. Results: Out of the 850 patients, 72 (8.4%) patients were found to have one or more ADR, comprising of total 89 episode of ADR. Out of these male were 40 and female were 32 in number. Commonest age group was 18- 60 years of age. Commonest ADR was Moon face (18.6%), followed by Allergic reactions (10.4%). In the causality assessment scale: most of the ADR were highly probable for offending drugs (65%). Regarding severity, most of the patients had mild ADR (51.6%), latent in onset, and only 12.3 % were preventable. Conclusion: Even after careful monitoring, ADR is not uncommon in renal patient and most of them are not preventable.

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