Age determination from radiological study of epiphysial appearance and union of distal end of tibia

AUTHOR(s) : Bhise SS1, Pundge SJ2, Nanandkar SD3, Chikhalkar BG4
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Introduction: The bones of human skeletons develop from separate ossification centers. From these centers ossification progresses till the bone is completely formed. These changes can be studied by means of X-rays and these changes are age related. It is therefore possible to determine the approximate age of an individual by radiological examination of bones till ossification is complete. Methods: This roentgenographic study was carried out with the objective to assess the general skeletal maturity of distal end of Tibia, of subjects in Mumbai region. 208 males and 68 females between age group of 3-25 years attending the outpatient department of this hospital are selected. Age confirmed from history and noting the birth dates. The cases selected after ruling out the nutritional, developmental, and endocrinal abnormality which affects the skeletal growth. Data analysis was done in P4 computer using HPSS software.

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