Prevalence of hypertension among obese and overweightstudents in the schools of Silchar, Assam

AUTHOR(s) : Pathak NN, Gautam Amrita, Saikia Bidyut
DOI No. : 10.31741/ ijhrmlp.v6.i2.2020.10

Introduction: Hypertension, a silent killer disease, once thought to be a disease of the adult population, now studies have shown that the process of development of it starts in adolescence perhaps in early childhood. There has also been an increased prevalence of overweight and obesity in schoolchildren in developing countries including India. Obesity is one of the many risk factors of hypertension, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Materials and methods: 1000 schoolchildren of aged 10-16 years were screened for hypertension, overweight and obesity. Using BMI and WC as per IAP chart, schoolchildren were categorized as overweight, obese; and blood pressure was measured by mercury sphygmomanometer. Definition and stages of hypertension were taken as per American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for childhood hypertension 2007. Results: The prevalence of hypertension in the present study is 9.6%.The mean age of the study population is 14.68 ± 1.02 years. The prevalence of hypertension in male and female was 11.5% and 8.08% respectively.11.5% children were overweight and6.3% were obese. Stages of hypertension were found, elevated BP 2.1%, stage 1 hypertension 6.1% and stage 2 hypertension 1.4% in the overweight and obese students together.  Conclusion: Although hypertension is a well monitored and well-versed disorder among the adult population yet it is the cheer expectancy of this disease among the pediatric population which is threatening. A substantial number (9.6% ) of overweight and obese school children had different categories of hypertension in our study. Time trends in childhood obesity, hypertension and their consequences should be monitored for primary prevention of adult hypertension.
Keywords: Obesity; overweight; hypertension; Body Mass Index.

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