Sociodemographic and medico-legal aspects of the autopsy conducted at a District Hospital in Northeastern State Tripura

AUTHOR(s) : Das NG, Saha S
DOI No. : 10.31741/ ijhrmlp.v8.i1.2022.8



Background and aims: Medico-legal postmortem examinations are conducted in all suspected cases of death as a mandatory protocol to know the actual cause of death. The study of the social, personal and medico-legal aspects aims to draw the attention of the authority and the public towards improving the prevailing situation of medico-legal works. This study aims to analyze the profile of medico-legal autopsies and formulate measures to improve the scenario. Materials and methods: This study is a retrospective analysis of medico-legal autopsies performed in the mortuary of District Hospital Gomati, Tripura, from January 2018 to December 2020. Results: In this study, 536 cases of autopsies during the study period are analyzed in various medico-legal aspects. The maximum deaths were among males and reported against the 5th& 6th decade's age group, and natural deaths were the common cause of death. Among unnatural deaths are hanging, poisoning, assault, drowning, etc. Conclusion: The study has demonstrated that asphyxial death outnumbered poisoning and other causes of death. The proportion of natural death is more than unnatural death among all medico-legal autopsies conducted during the study period. So, there is scope for reviewing the current standard procedures with caution.

Keywords: Profile of death; asphyxia; homicide; suicide; accident; RTA; poisoning.

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