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Dear Esteemed Colleagues

Greetings from “International Journal of Health Research and Medico Legal Practice” (IJHRMLP)!

India is witnessing a period of demographic transition with exponential increase of elderly population. The impact of population ageing is tremendous as there is increasing number of morbidities and disabilities associated with ageing. Geriatric care is quite different from care of adults.  There is very limited exposure to geriatric care in undergraduate medical curriculum and other paraprofessional curriculum. Along with the medical domains, the societal and legal factors influence the health and well-being of the elderly.  A holistic approach is the need of the hour. Hence, a need has been felt to orient the professionals to standard geriatric care and issues in old age so that our elders get an integrated, quality care in presence of adequate social and legal support. This is the first time in Gauhati that a CME on Geriatric care ‘Geriatric care and Social Responsibility’ has planned by “IJHRMLP Academic Group”. We therefore take this opportunity to invite you all to participate in this mega event.

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